Detours Mentoring Group dba Assured Lifestyle Housing Inc.

Assured Lifestyle Housing Inc.

We treat every housing situation as if someone’s life depended on it

Housing won’t be complicated because we are here for you.

Far too long has the epidemic of urban youth violence and crime destroyed our communities. Our property values have plundered, we live in fear of ourselves, and we still haven’t resolved the problem. It’s obvious we can’t and won’t arrest our way out of this situation.

Our children deal with adult issues, they are forced to accept the responsibility of adults. Children raising children, unable to enjoy the precious years of innocence. We allow the entertainment media to dictate what today’s morals and ethics are. Yet we encourage them to stay on course, but we seem to forget that not having the proper navigation causes them to become victims on the highway of life. We must educate our youth of the danger and consequences of making bad choices, and how easy it is to get lost in the traffic of a fast paced world.

Detours Mentoring Group, Inc has the trained and dedicated individuals who grew up in the community with many diverse life experiences and have successfully turned their lives around from crime, gangs, and drug addiction. These individuals behind the program are teaching the youth the importance of, family education and personal values.

Have you ever needed a second chance?
You can give someone the hope they need for a life of recovery.

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